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Being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma is a terrifying experience. In just a few moments your whole life can change. All of the sudden your sitting handcuffed in a patrol car thinking about being charged with a crime, worrying about your loved ones, worrying about how this will affect your career, wondering what you will do about losing your license, and fretting over the embarrassment that comes along with being arrested for DUI. It is not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed and out of control at this point. This is where we come in. Josh D. Lee is a highly skilled and trained DUI Defense Attorney who has a reputation of fighting for his clients and making scary situations suddenly seem tolerable. Josh’s experience in defending DUIs and teaching other attorneys and judges about DUI law and science helps him find defenses for your case that most other attorneys would miss. The sooner you get in for a meeting with Josh the sooner you will start to feel more informed and less worried. There is no reason to wait because consultations with Josh about your case are always free of charge.

Everyone on the Ward & Lee team understands that bad things happen to good people. People from many different walks of life get charged with DUIs.  Pay attention to news broadcasts and police blotters and you will see doctors, teachers, judges, prosecutors, pilots, nurses, congressmen, retirees, and even police officers getting charged with the crime of Driving Under the Influence.  Many times, this is the persons first time to be in trouble with the law. We will not judge you, we will not look down upon you, and we will not treat you like a criminal. Our team’s goal is to help you get through this period of your life in the best way possible.

We are located in Vinita, Oklahoma at the heart of Green Country.   We regularly represent clients charged with driving under the influence in all counties that cover Grand Lake.  We practice in the following counties and cities: Craig County, Mayes County, Delaware County, Rogers County, Ottawa County, Nowata County, Vinita, Pryor, Claremore, Jay, Miami, and Nowata.  Please look around our web site and if you have any questions give us a call.  If you are looking for a highly skilled DUI attorney to fight for you, Josh D. Lee is your attorney. Click here to see why you want Attorney Josh Lee by your side.

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